Emma Grey was born 1982 nearby Karlsruhe in Germany. Already in her childhood she wrote short stories and dreamed of publishing her own book. After succeeding her academic studies , she lived a while abroad. Travelling overseas and foreign cultures still clear her mind and open her eyes for new stuff. She likes writing the best with a view on the sea. She gets most of her ideas in everyday life. Emma Grey created her literary character Peter Cromwell during one of her trips in England.

To date Emma Grey developed and marketed new products in the food industry.

Emma Grey is member of the German-speaking group of authors “Sisters in crime”.

She lives with her family nearby Heidelberg.

Emma Grey

Interview with Emma Grey

What was the reason to start writing for you?

I am really curious and I love watching other people, e.g. sitting in a café. I then imagine what they do in their life, how they live and what kind of characters they have. Is there anything more enjoyable than thinking of a story where these people act?

In my books I write about the nice and sincere people I already met in my life. But as well I include the arrogant and mean people, I know. I am sure some people will recognize themselves ...

Where do you imagine a crime scene?

For me every place is a potential crime scene: living room, library or anywhere. A crime can happen everywhere, with or without intention.

But for me it is much more exhausting to know that everyone is a potential offender. You'll never know what life brings and some people stay on this borderline and then they decide to go the wrong way.
Most of the crimes even happen within your own small circle of friends or even within the family. You cannot watch what kind of thoughts are inside the head ...

Since writing crime novels, did you change yourself?

Yes, definitely. I do observe even more and try to find out if someone behaves like an offender ...
Besides I do dream a lot about my stories and my investigators.

How do you succeed to elate your readers?

Everyone who seeks for a story with a lot of blood and violence, will probably be disappointed. In my crime novels tension is coming out of the psychology and the realtionships between my figures. Every reader is invited to find out who is the offender and what kind of reasons he has to go the wrong way. Additionally I really try to deliver a message ...